• Image of Deposition Cassette

    Deposition Cassette

    by Jomeo Pugz


    DEPOSITION, the first musical project written and produced by Joey “Jomeo Pugz” Nuñez offers a gritty and uncompromised cross-examination into the world of Primetime television, courtroom entertainment. With content exclusively provided to the listener through Voltaire Records, the at-home audience participant will be transformed into to a “key-witness” for this year’s hottest, most provocative, alluring and compelling case! Each composition featured on this limited release, Hi-Fidelity compact cassette tape allows the listener to delve further into the case, experiencing first-hand the riveting and sometimes dangerous world of the criminal justice system! Limited to 100 Copies

    Side A
    Think Fast
    Due Process
    Night Court

    Side B
    Rightfully Acquitted
    Flight Risk
    Attorney Alley

  • Image of Endeavors 12" Compilation PREORDER (ships 8/4/15)

    Endeavors 12" Compilation PREORDER (ships 8/4/15)

    by Various Artists


    "Endeavors", the 4th compilation from Voltaire Records, explores the vibes of boogie, disco, modern funk, and whatever the hell type of music is also on there that doesn't fit into those aforementioned genres. It's the music that a bunch of nasty psychotic animals would be jamming in a festering urban back alley, as shown on the compilation cover, illustrated by Oakland- based artist, Jessie California

    A Side
    Harvey Sutherland - That's The Fact, Jack
    K-Maxx - Wake Up
    XL Middleton - One and Only

    B Side
    Social Lovers - Can't Let It Go
    Moon B - Back On
    Timothy J. Fairplay - Rooftop Meeting

  • Image of PLAzA - "PARTY GAMES" 12" EP

    PLAzA - "PARTY GAMES" 12" EP

    by PLAzA


    Release Date : 1/6/15
    PLAzA is the sound of Johan Churchill, a vintage drum machine and synthesizer freak, churning out a hybrid of playful acid house, boogie-funk, and italo, and often pairing it with a fine wine. Armed with the Oberheim DX drum machine, a 707, 202, Prophet 600, OB-8, Roland jx-Sp, and countless others, PLAzA corralled and manipulated this arsenal of electronic friends to create the Party Games EP in his home studio, The Voyeur's Loft, in San Francisco. The EP additionally features Moon B handling remix duties on the track "Night Lines", taking the track to an extra "nocturnal" location.

  • Image of Hotthobo - Lo Expectations

    Hotthobo - Lo Expectations

    by Hotthobo

    $10.00 / Sold Out

    Lo Expectations is a mix of lo-fi, obscure, and mutant dance tracks, created using turntables, a mixer and a loaned (new-ish) computer. 50 Cassettes produced...100% homie made and approved: Dyami O'Brien did the artwork and design, and Psychic Western made 'em.

  • Image of Viare EP 12"

    Viare EP 12"

    by Various Artists

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    VIARE is a 12" compilation featuring 4 distinct tracks, each occupying their own wildly unique sub-genre of the house experience.

    "Virgo Cluster" by Jonas Reinhardt fuses elements of cosmic disco and krautrock into a live transcendental package, with amazing guitar work by Phil Manley (Trans Am/Life Coach), and a bonus remix by the Beat Broker (digital only). "Seven Miles Down" from London's Timothy J. Fairplay (The Asphodells) is a testament to Zombie Horror Cinema, featuring a pulsing dub-house beat that dives into cavernous sonic territory. "Guave" by PLAzA is a playful dancefloor workout, that evokes a slow acidic line and classic Chicago house elements. Lastly, "Back Outside" from Roche is druggy outsider house at its best, with an enormous subby bassline that complements a classic alien warehouse vibe.

  • Image of East Side Boogie 12"

    East Side Boogie 12"

    by DMX Krew

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    The Eastside Boogie EP is a 6 track 12"/digital release by DMX Krew. The release begins with the remix and original versions of the title track, "East Side Boogie". The original is pure electro-boogie; with its use of vintage drum machines, vocoder and synths, it could likely be mistaken as a lost 80s classic (in the vein of Formula V, Zapp, or Kleeer). The remix is an updated, more bass heavy take on the original, preserving the old school ethic, with some added new school flavor. "Surf Squad" departs into chilled out cosmic electro territory: a beachside anthem of the digital era. "Turing Test", is another instrumental electro jaunt, this one geared best toward the dance floor, with its deep punchy bass and stabbing synths. "No More Bad Dreams" is an alluringly haunted synthpop lullaby, a rarity in the electronic consciousness. "Mind Bombs" ends the outing with a slow pummeling of sub heavy bass and synth melody.

  • Image of Heaven EP 12"

    Heaven EP 12"

    by Shock

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    "Heaven" is Shock's debut single, which features a hypnotic house groove, a primal bass line, and shimmering guitar layers. Terri Loewenthal's mysterious and seductive vocals are complemented by novel production from Dan Judd and the alluring guitar work of Michael Taras. Sleek and inviting, "Heaven" is laced with a romantic melancholy reminiscent of the classic disco and house eras. The "Heaven" 12" features remixes by Shock's friends: The Beat Broker, Hatchback, and Steve Moore (Lovelock/Zombi). These versions perfectly compliment the original and expand the music into complete universal harmony.

  • Image of Split Infinitive 12"

    Split Infinitive 12"

    by Various Artists

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    Split Infinitive is a joint release featuring forward-thinking productions from Publicist and Tussle. It contains both an original composition by each and a remix of the other artists' previously released material...there is no "a" or "b" side. Publicist follows up 2010's Keep It Off The Record with another serving of vocoder and drum euphoria in Do You Know Who I Am and then travels off the grid with the pulsing remix of Soft Crush. Tussle channels alien echo-chamber dub in their cosmic jam "Dusty Roads", and then fuses elements of Detroit techno, Chicago house, and warm organic bass into their incredible remix of Hand To Mouth!

  • Image of Affairs Online 12"

    Affairs Online 12"

    by Various Artists

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    Affairs Online is the first compilation from Voltaire Records. Featuring producers from Stockholm, Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco, this album merges influences from around the globe to drop funky, prog-driven electro beats that lean left of the obvious.

    Mystery producer Erik Artur starts off the comp by warping all genres with his short radical piece Redla. Steve Moore’s (of Zombi) solo project LoveLock pays homage to classic synthesizer disco on Champagne. Always defying expectation, Tokyo's Narctrax brings an unexpected twist by combining prog-rock, electro and his own unique melodic cues with Unweave the Rainbow. Loose Shus pumps out the Juno bass lines, and then travels through wormholes of electronic space on Featurette. The very young and very talented Swedish producer Le Pimp offers BTTB, modern boogie electro that’s wise beyond its years.

  • Image of Keep It Off the Record 12"

    Keep It Off the Record 12"

    by Publicist

    $6.00 / On Sale

    Digital Download :
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    Publicist is the solo project of drummer Sebastian Thomson from Trans Am and Weird War. Internationally known for his live set, he plays on the floor, not on stage: deconstructing the barrier between audience and performer.

    Keep It Off The Record mixes live drums and vocoded vox with spacey, arpeggiated dance rhythms and funk-laden bass lines. Publicist's one man band is the analog answer to a spectrum of 70s kraut-rockers, DJs, dancers, and party people.

  • Image of Voltaire Records T Shirt "Text" Logo

    Voltaire Records T Shirt "Text" Logo

    $20.00 / On Sale

    The OG Black "Text" Logo printed on a Black T Shirt

  • Image of Brian Ellis - Reflection Tape

    Brian Ellis - Reflection Tape

    by Brian Ellis

    $8.00 / Sold Out

    Cassette tape including two bonus tracks!
    Side A
    1. Love Is (Unreal Mix) Featuring Egyptian Lover
    2. Pass The Time
    3. Cabernet
    4. Electric Body (Bonus Track) Featuring K-Maxx

    Side B
    1. Reflection
    2. All I Know, All I See
    3. Kick Clap
    4. Afterthought (Bonus Track)

  • Image of Brian Ellis "REFLECTION" 12" EP

    Brian Ellis "REFLECTION" 12" EP

    by Brian Ellis

    $10.00 / Sold Out

    Release Date : 7/29/14
    Hailing from Escondido, CA, Brian Ellis has arrived with the "REFLECTION" EP, and has set out to push authentic drum machine synthesizer funk to the livest, rawest level. His gear list is strong, his output is prolific, and his work ethic is unrivaled…armed with his oberheim DX, oberheim Matrix-1000, Roland SVC-350 Vocoder, and an arsenal of various guitars, synths, and outboard effects, Brian and his group “REFLECTION” are prepped to unleash an array of utterly devastating jams onto the dancefloor.

    His debut EP, “REFLECTION” includes the Egyptian Lover, a master of the 808 and veteran party-rocker on vocoder detail, to guest on “Love Is”.

  • Image of Voltaire Records T Shirt Logo # 2

    Voltaire Records T Shirt Logo # 2

    $15.00 / Sold Out

    White t shirts are logo on the front only. Black t shirts have logo on the front with a circle on the back. This is a limited run of about 10 shirts we printed ourselves. quality is good but the color may vary slightly from shirt to shirt.

  • Image of Brian Ellis 7"

    Brian Ellis 7"

    by Brian Ellis

    $8.00 / Sold Out

    For his debut 45, Brian enlisted two seasoned underground guests to usher in his brand of boogie-funk. “Love Is” features the legendary Egyptian Lover, a master of the 808 and veteran party-rocker on vocoder detail, while on the flip-side, K-Maxx commands the microphone with his signature style on “Electric Body”.

  • Image of Loose Shus EP 12"

    Loose Shus EP 12"

    by Loose Shus

    $10.00 / Sold Out

    Digital Download :
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    Two years in the making, this 5 track EP combines modern funk, cosmic disco, and experimental synth boogie. The instruments used span three decades: from the 80s he used the Oberheim DX, Akai Ax60, Yamaha TX81z, to the 90s Roland JX-305, and onto present day software. The EP enlists the help of a few talented producers —XL Middleton's ripping keyboard solos can be heard on "Saturation” —PLAzA lays in some chilled out textures on "Ladies".

  • Image of Private Function 12"

    Private Function 12"

    by Various Artists

    $12.00 / Sold Out

    Digital Download :
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    Private Function is a Modern Funk compilation presented by Voltaire Records, featuring artists from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland and Miami. Weaving through elements of Boogie, Funk, Modern Soul, and G-Funk, Private Function heralds a new breed of talented producers re-inventing and amplifying this relished sound.

  • Image of Chautauqua EP

    Chautauqua EP

    by Chautauqua


    Digital Download :
    itunes | amazon | beatport

    Chautauqua's self-titled first EP is a collaboration between Loose Shus and Voltaire Label Head Randy Ellis. The EP begins with Nat's Theme, a cinematographic delve into the eerie outer reaches of cosmic funk with washy guitar work by Dan Judd (Sorcerer). Following up is Suspended Animation, an upbeat take on italian horror themes. Next, Ascension shifts the gears even lower and glides your favorite chilled beverage away on a crystal-platter to an afterlife of Shoegaze and Dub. Lastly, Matterhorn knots together a mystic Shayman's altered interpretation of modern acidic-electro.
    Cover art by Myenia.