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Deposition Cassette

by Jomeo Pugz

$10.00 / Sold Out

DEPOSITION, the first musical project written and produced by Joey “Jomeo Pugz” Nuñez offers a gritty and uncompromised cross-examination into the world of Primetime television, courtroom entertainment. With content exclusively provided to the listener through Voltaire Records, the at-home audience participant will be transformed into to a “key-witness” for this year’s hottest, most provocative, alluring and compelling case! Each composition featured on this limited release, Hi-Fidelity compact cassette tape allows the listener to delve further into the case, experiencing first-hand the riveting and sometimes dangerous world of the criminal justice system! Limited to 100 Copies

Side A
Think Fast
Due Process
Night Court

Side B
Rightfully Acquitted
Flight Risk
Attorney Alley